University of Washington

1 07 2011

Just a quick addendum to my earlier post on Theodor Jacobsen Observatory at University of Washington.  While digging through UW’s digital archives, I came across a photo of what must have been Professor Taylor’s original observatory: a modest structure, constructed of wood, standing at the north side of the main building of the Territorial University. If I’m reading my archival records properly, this was built after, or just around the time of, the university’s move to its new (present-day) location in 1895. That would mean the building in the background of the photo was no longer in use.*

Territorial University and Observatory, Seattle, Washington

Territorial University and Observatory, Seattle, Washington, n.d. Photo courtesy of MSCUA, University of Washington Libraries

*Interesting, non-observatory related factoid:  the university regents tried, but failed, to sell this piece of land after the school relocated, and 115+ years later, UW still owns it. It is now known as the “Metropolitan Tract,” and is worth much money.