Building the Moon

25 11 2014
Black and white photo of jagged landscape features

Unidentified, possibly an early model of supposed lunar surface, c. 1900-25. Image courtesy: State Library of Victoria

I discovered this intriguing photograph while doing an image search for work. According to the catalogue entry at the State Library of Victoria, this may an imagined view of the Moon’s surface. Believable, with those craters and craggy mountains. But for what purpose? The image comes from a lantern slide, making me think that it’s likely a photograph of a stage or movie set. Does anyone recognize the scene?

Messier 34

16 11 2014

I was never much of a binocular observer, even though I loved using binoculars in the daytime when I was a kid. I jumped from naked-eye observing straight to a 10-inch reflector as a teenager. Since starting at S&T, I’ve been “backtracking,” trying to view all those things people start with in binos. It gives me something to do when I have just a small patch of sky or time. I’m getting closer to knocking off the Astronomical League’s Bino Messier list, anyway.

November 15, 2014, Maynard, MA, M34. Image: JR

Seven Sisters

15 11 2014

The Pleiades. Image: JR

56 Andromedae. Hanging out in parking lot of mill pond. Image: JR

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