Wallpaper Wednesday

20 07 2011
Cruz del Sur Observatory

Cruz del Sur Observatory, Chile. Photo credit: Rodrigo Marín Baez

Today’s wall paper shows the Cruz del Sur Observatory in Cerro El Peralito, near Combarbalá, Chile. This observatory, which consists of four domes arranged to mimic the Southern Cross constellation, exists to spread the passion for astronomy in the local community. The domes pinning down the ends of the large arm of the cross house 16″ Meade LX200-R-type Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. The domes anchoring the short arm of the cross house 14″ Meade LX200-R-type Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Although visitors are required to book ahead and pay a nominal ticket fee, the observatory welcomes guests for tours during the day and night.

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