In Memoriam

2 11 2011
Total Solar Eclipse 2009

Total Solar Eclipse 2009. Photo credit: Sunil Malhotra

Today’s image is dedicated to Bob Rood, my favorite astronomer and father of my closest friend. There are many things I could tell the world about Bob—about the entire Snell-Rood clan—but selfishly, I’d like to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself right now. Instead, I link you to his narrative of the trip we took to Varanasi to view the total solar eclipse in 2009. I think you’ll be able to tell from his story and photos why that week meant so much to me.

Edited to add:

Video of November 10, 2011 Memorial Service

Robert T. Rood, at University of Virginia’s Department of Astronomy

Obituary from Charlottesville Daily Progress

U.Va. Honors Professor’s Life

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