MacAdam Student Observatory

19 03 2012

MacAdam Student Observatory. Image courtesy of UK College of Arts and Sciences.

This photo of the MacAdam Student Observatory at the University of Kentucky is a preemptive attempt at diplomacy. Five days in advance, I’d like to say “No hard feelings, right?” to everyone at UK.

I know you’ve been waiting for months to take your revenge on the Hoosiers for that December loss. You’re probably sick of ESPN playing that clip of Christian Watford on endless loop. I believe in you—I even picked you to win it all in the office March Madness contest (seriously, I did). But truthfully? I’m now hoping that you’ll give it up to IU this Friday. Don’t get me wrong. I want you to put up a good fight, maybe hang in there until deep in the second half. But at the 20-second mark, I want it to be a two possession game, with the gap working in IU’s favor.

It’s nothing personal, okay? It’s just that I have to share a house with a mad Hoosier fan and my life would go a lot more smoothly this coming weekend if IU made it into the Elite Eight. April is depressing enough as it is (T.S. Eliot had the sentiment right, even though he wasn’t talking about the dearth of spectator sports in the spring). If IU could just go out in the Elite Eight instead of the Sweet Sixteen, that would make things just a little bit better around here.

MacAdam Student Observatory Dome. Image courtesy of UK College of Arts and Sciences.

Just one more IU win, that’s all I want. What’s a few points between long-time enemies rivals?