(Astro)photographer Vorrarit Anantsorrarak (aka CoolBieЯe)

25 09 2012

Some More Dream. Image Credit: Vorrarit Anantsorrarak (CoolBieЯe)

This photo has been circulating through facebook with some sort of quasi-spiritual text attached to it. The first time it showed up in my timeline, I thought it was a cut-and-paste job. The second time it showed up, I decided to do a little more investigating. I eventually tracked it to the camera of Vorrarit Anantsorrarak, a landscape architect for AECOM. As it turns out, that shot of a starry night in New Zealand is almost the least impressive of his work. I’m taken with everything that he’s posted to fb and flickr, but that fact that he was able to capture the ethereal qualities of northern lights on his first encounter with them really impressed me. He’s taken photos that are something beyond perfection. If you don’t believe me, check out his Norway 2012 photos. His Switzerland 2012 collection also features some breathtaking skyscapes. I don’t think you’ll consider any of your time wasted if you look through the rest of his portfolio on flickr and fb after your done with those.



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