Wallpaper Wednesday

6 06 2012

SDO's Ultra-high Definition View of 2012 Venus Transit --- Path Sequence. Image credit: NASA/SDO/AIA

Was there any doubt that I’d be looking for a wallpaper featuring yesterday’s Transit of Venus? I’m happy to report that we didn’t have to rely on SDO images (as spectacular as they are!) to view it. We had mostly clear skies, warm evening temperatures, and lots of viewing equipment. I had my doubts as to whether we’d be able to view it with the naked eye—that is, the naked eye with protection—but it was easy to see through eclipse glasses. I used a solar projector made with a pair of binoculars. That was a last-minute project, but it made beautiful images, complete with cloud cover, sun spots, and Venus. We attended a public viewing event for part of the evening, courtesy of the DNR, Stonebelt Stargazers, and the Indiana University Astronomy Club, so we also had some excellent views through 8″ and 10″ telescopes. You can see a few photographs, including one from the solar projector showing Venus against the backdrop of the Sun, on my flickr site.

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